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Products We Have Delivered

Tunneling machines from JIM Technology Corporation are used around the world.

  • Products We Have Delivered
    Europe South Korea and China North America Middle East
    ·Moscow ·Seoul ·Busan ·San Francisco ·Dubai
    ·Channel Tunnel ·Hong Kong ·Taipei ·Los Angeles Asia
    ·Lyon ·Shanghai ·Gaoxiong ·San Diego ·Singapore
    ·Athens ·Beijing ·Nanjing ·Seattle ·Delhi
    ·Cadiz ·Zhengzhou ·Guangzhou Central and South America ·Bangkok
    ·Abdalajís ·Zhanjiang ·Chengdu ·Mexico Australia
    ·Madrid ·Tianjin ·Shenzhen ·Dominica ·Perth
      ·Wuhan     ·Melbourne
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